Yoga Design Lab Cork Mat 3.5mm – Floral Batik Tonal


The Cork Yoga Mat is the most sustainable choice within yoga mats.

Cork is lightweight, allowing for more efficient shipping to the factory. The yoga mat cork is supported by a base of natural non-slip rubber from Vietnam. Only water-based inks are used for the prints, leaving you with a fully sustainable and beautiful piece of art. Cork is antimicrobial, meaning you don’t need harmful chemicals to clean your collection. Organic soap and water are sufficient and if you get any major stains, you can actually file down the cork a bit and avoid cleaners altogether!

  • Designed to love the earth and your practice.
  • Non-slip grip that improves with sweat
  • High-density cushion for support
  • Durable: Premium quality for the most rigorous studio conditions or at home
  • Eco-friendly: biodegradable natural cork and rubber with water-based inks.
  • Free from silicone, pvc, and phthalates
  • Easy to Clean: antimicrobial cork
  • Includes carrying strap

Cork trees grow around the Mediterranean naturally and on farms. The mat cork is sourced and certified from tree farms in Portugal. The bark of the cork tree can be harvested every 9-10 years during its 200-year life span. The tree is not harmed during the process; it actually allows for greater absorption of CO2 while the bark regrows.

If a tree does reach its end life, two new saplings are planted in its place thus ensuring the cork forest continues to flourish and renew. The harvested cork bark is shredded to a pulp and pressed into long sheets to be used in products. Any leftover cork dust is used to fuel the mills.

If you no longer need your products, cork is compostable. Better yet, you can find a local agency to upcycle your cork or find DIY inspiration online to upcycle your cork.

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