Yogaccessori Revive Yoga & Pilates Mat


If you’re looking for a versatile mat for a wide range of fitness activities, our Revive yoga and pilates mat is suited for yoga, pilates or a fitness class. 

Our Revive is 5mm thick and made of a spongy material that offers support and comfortable cushioning to your joints. And, it’s extremely light, weighing only 1.2kgs which makes it easy to carry to your class or use outdoors in the park during summer. Featuring rounded edges and foamed texture with an exceptional engineered grip.

  • Made from 100% TPE
  • Closed-cell surface for a more hygienic practice
  • 5mm thick offering comfort and cushioning
  • Very durable with a strong grip
  • Ultra lightweight so you can take it with you everywhere
  • A versatile mat for a range of fitness activities

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